Since the beginning, we dreamed of scholarship offers, getting drafted, buying our family a house, winning a world cup title, playing in the olympics, signing autographs, and joining the hall of fame.

To get there, we sacrifice. We sacrifice with early morning wind sprints, heavy breathing, sweat, pain, late nights, missed social gatherings, and pure hard work. Yes, we live life differently than most, but It’s the lifestyle we choose and that's why we are considered “elite”. Some of us face hardships along the way. It may be your parents or yourself working multiple jobs, lack of transportation, migration to a different country, or many other adversities, but that has inspired us to work even harder. As a commitment to this lifestyle, we created Kick it - the #1 soccer lifestyle brand off the pitch.

You become what you think of

The Kick It brand logo serves as a focal point and constant motivation for you as an athlete to remain focused on your goal, and is represented through off the pitch lifestyle apparel and accessories created exclusively for only us - elite soccer players. How you carry yourself off the pitch is equally as important to what you do on the pitch including the way you dress, act, and work.

You are who you surround yourself with

Each of our products is created to promote inclusion, togetherness, community, and status within the sport of soccer. Many wouldn’t understand how deeply rooted our love for the game spans and the passion we share. Kick It elevates the culture of soccer and allows us to express that passion through exclusive soccer apparel.

Kick It Guy

Kick it Soccer Girl